Media - TV & Radio Interviews

Hi - it's on here that you can watch and listen in to the fantastic interviews Katie's been doing -  please keep checking back to this page for the latest updates. 

If you’d like to interview Katie or if you require more information please contact Katie’s manager - Sue on 07912 287947 or e-mail 

Interview on The Great Unknowns Presents

I had this crazy interview on Friday with this cool guy from LA - he is fixated with my video 'Wrong All Along' and isn't afraid to say so, again and again!!  check it out more

A Measure of Truth -Blog talk Radio US

I really enjoyed this interview - I was on for an hour so we really had time to get in depth about my influences and things like that....listen in on this link more

Brooklands Radio - Surrey, UK

I drove to Wimbourne in Surrey for this one, there were a few gremlins in the studio that night so a few glitches in the soundtrack!!  That's my story anyway!!  I'm still waiting for the more

Radio interview in Bournemouth

I drove to Bournemouth for this live broadcast with Addy Jay...I spent most of the journey worrying more about the weather changing (snow and more snow!) than the prospect of singing live more

Interview on Southside Broadcasting

I was asked such impossible questions about Black on Black it was hard to know what to say!!  I hadn't thought of the album the way the guy described it  but he might have a point in some more