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Hiya - got a mixed bag here - newspapers, hard copy and internet magazines and such like - some good, some ok,  some inaccurate lol!!  but read on and take your pic - let me know what you think... 

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Sky Angels Magazine

This interview is word for word (I think!!) of what I said so it's all me!!  this in itself is amazing and I like the pictures they chose to print as well and the arrangement on the page is more

Where are they now? Katie Owen

I recently responded to this request from John Heise in Wisconsin, US - he sent it through to my manager on my contact page:   Hi Sue – I was wondering if Katie Owen would more

Electro filth-poppery Don't Wanna Stop Electro filth-poppery! Big production from a track that could easily find itself nestled in a Pussycat Dolls more

Interview in the Moaning Times!!

Well I just don't know -  I do these things and no -one officially tells me when they're out so I come across them by accident!!  Someone spotted this and told me about it so I more

Owen-ed Asiana Mag

Well - I'm in the mag - although not thrilled with the comments - I really have been misquoted so not very impressed!  For one thing, I didn't say anything about Asian people wanting to look more