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in her 'owen' words!!!!

air play

Dont Wanna Stop is now being played on Fresh Unsigned Show 22read more

news songs in the pipeline

Been working with the Drinkard-Robinson Group on some new tracks. This is very exciting time for me...watch this space for the first new track later next month.read more

Audition for The Voice

Wow - what an experience! So not like the X Factor at all!!  seriously - they were so friendly and real - from the guy at the door who checked you in (no queue allowed) and the other would-b...read more

'Give it a Rest' on Banana Peel Radio .com

I've been selected for play on a Canadian internet radio site http://www.bananapeelradio.com/  I'm on play list 57 - check it out and listen to what else they have to offer as well... They conta...read more

working with Bady Lilblak on his new single

I had a great time yesterday in the studio with Bady, working on vocals for his new single - He's a Brighton rap artist and a pretty cool one at that. So check him out - he's on Facebook..   I'...read more