Katie Owen Videos

Four videos here - including  ‘Wrong all Along’ taken from my debut album ‘Comin’ On Strong’

Check out the unused 'green screen' stuff for 'Better Things to Do' - this was such fun to do!!

Arms - Christina Perry

this is my version of this fantastic song.....

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Better Things to Do

This one was filmed in my parents' bedroom, believe it or not!! It felt really wierd crawling about on their bed but I managed to forget about it once the camera started rolling!!

The original idea I had was to be getting ready to go out - fully dressed and putting make-up on, but the film director preferred me walking about in nothing more than a teddy, trying not to flash bits and pieces!  We filmed some of it in the pitch dark in a wood - now that was scary!! The most fun part was getting to throw things all over the place - especially throwing them at the camera man!

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This one is pure green screen - I had to sing and move about all over the place with nothing else in the room but a wind machine and the cameraman... it was very odd having to put emotion into the song with nothing to feed from. After hours of this, re-singing this bit and that, we went home and waited for a few weeks whilst the video director put all the backgrounds in - hope you like it!!

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Wrong all along

“This song is really special to me. Like most artists I draw inspiration from experiences – be it happy, sad, stressed or ecstatic and it probably doesn’t take a scientist to figure out what this song is about!

I chose this song for my first video because it's my favourite on the album. The location was fantastic and caught the mood exactly, and I loved the opportunity to be really OTT glamorous. I was freezing though and had to be wrapped in a huge coat in between takes to stop from turning blue!! Although I’m back to being blonde again I loved my ‘dark phase.’ “      Katie


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Better Things to Do (green screen outtakes)

When I was in the studio doing 'Terrified' the video man got me to do some green screen work for 'Better Things' as well - it never got used but here it is anyway - all cape swirling and arms floating everywhere!!

I'm told it's a bit Kate Bush - what do YOU think??

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