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Hiya - got a mixed bag here - newspapers, hard copy and internet magazines and such like - some good, some ok,  some inaccurate lol!!  but read on and take your pic - let me know what you think... 

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Powerful and deeply meaningful

 ‘Wrong all along’  I find it hard to focus on the song while watching the video, the production quality shows that this young lady is focused on her music and wants to provide more

Katie feeling sorry for ‘old me’

FORMER Bognor Regis schoolgirl Katie Owen is making her bid for the big time with the relaunch of her website.   Already Katie has become something of an internet sensation, attracting 200,000 more

The waitress who’s an internet sensation

The waitress who’s an internet sensation LOOKING GOOD Katie on stage                   & more

Not even helmet hair could ruin my chat with pop star

Not even helmet hair could ruin my chat with pop star SINGING SENSATION: Our Cheryl meets pop star Katie Owen By Cheryl Gibbs Published on Friday 22 April 2011 12:23 This week has more

Interview with Nicola from 'Hit The Floor'

When first discovering the edgy talent of Katie Owen, Hit The Floor could not understand how someone so young could have such a sophisticated voice. With vocals powerful enough to match that of more